Business Tips for Insurance Agents : How to Grow Your Independent Agent

Here are 2 main methods you can grow your independent agent:

1. Continue to recruit the right employees.
The first step in the agency growth process is to recruit and retain the best available employees. But where did you find it? How do you hire the next generation into an industry that has a fame for being calm and tired?
"looking for people who can do what you can't," Seigerman suggested. "If you are an expert in sales, hire someone with underwriting and technical expertise." He believes that professional appointment is not entirely necessary. Instead, he asked, "What was your proficiency?" And "What can you present on the list?" 
Seigerman points out that everybody goes to the same place to look for talent. Try to think outside the box to find potential employees. He specifically shows the channels used to go to groups that help veterans who have just returned to work.
Wherever you find your next employe, try to develop your team's talents with each employee. Diversify your expertise.
2. Serious about social media marketing.
Word of mouth and social media campaigns play a big role in how consumers evaluate their current and prospective insurance agents. Millennials, in particular, trust friends, family and strangers on social media when weighing insurance products and operators, according to the Accenture report, "Digital insurance companies: Unleash the potential of social media in insurance."
But given that your clients and prospects explore many social media sites, building and maintaining a social media presence that is tailored to each site can be daunting - and in fact, it is. But the challenges cannot be overcome.
Paradiso Insurance in Stafford Spring, Conn., Started its social media presence in 2008. The agency has three employees - two full time and one part-time - to oversee Twitter (2,700 followers), Facebook (3,170 followers),  LinkedIn, YouTube page, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.
The agency generates around $ 24 million in premiums every year but has grown 50% over the past less than five year. So when owner Chris Paradiso say that all independent agent can drive agency growth through social media, he knows what he's talking about - and he knows how to do it.
Regardless of which platform you choose to build presence, it's important to have the right people watching you, said Paradiso. "I post a lot about my children [on social media]. Why did I do that? Because I insure my family. "
You are starting with what you know if you know how to make people lower insurance rates, post about it. If you know that many people are insured and do not have adequate protection in their homes, share useful information about it if you have children and your clients too, post about it.
When you find what your clients are most connected to, you will hone your social media marketing skills. But overall, it is a location where you require to have a presence because if you do, people will refer you to their friend or look for you to verify what type of agency you are.