Health Insurance Tips for Students In 2019

Choose my class, shop for the perfect bed set, and while hoping I get the best decision when I change my mind at the last minute and ended up at Siena College instead of Marist (note: It was one of the best choices I have ever make it!).

What I don't spend time thinking about is my health insurance plan, and the chances are, you don't either. That's why we do the work for you.   

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), based are protected until the age of 26, meaning that if you follow a parent or guardian's plan, you can continue to use it during college. Check with them to find out if you are good to go. If not, you can choose to enrol in your college student health plan. Many operators, such as CDPHP®, offer comprehensive health insurance protection to students through their colleges and universities.  

Make sure your vaccine, etc., is up to date
Most universities require the latest immunizations, in addition to annual physical documentation. Your college should contact you during the summer about this, or you can visit their website to see what is mandatory. Some colleges will not give your dorm room key on a moving day until you take care of these important items.  

Wide Coverage
The CDPHP student plan offers access to a national provider network. You can use the Find-A-Doc or downloading applications My CDPHP Mobile from your app store to find a doctor with the fast while travelling. If you leave your hometown to school and are protected by a parent or guardian plan, you must make sure your network extends to college. 

My only regret from my time in Siena is not studying abroad. I wish I had come out of my comfort zone and experienced an entirely new country and culture. If you decide to study or travel abroad while at school, you must make sure your plans cover you internationally. The CDPHP student plan provides emergency coverage worldwide through Assist America Global Emergency, which offers medical consultation, evaluation and referral, hospital admission assistance, Medical Services prescription assistance, legal referrals and translators, emergency trauma counselling, critical care monitoring, and more. Only one phone call is needed to get Assist America moving.
No-cost preventative care
I didn't start to think much about getting an annual physical until after I graduated. Big mistake. Preventive care, including your annual checkup, is fully covered, which means there is no reason to go through it. Maybe if I pay more attention to this, I will skip the late-night trip to the dining room for soft-serve ice cream and avoid the feared 15-year-old new student!    
Other prevention services, including certain vaccinations, screenings and flu shots, are also fully covered. If you participate in the CDPHP student package, you can even earn Life Points® for the important services you receive. Life Points reward you for healthy behaviour in the form of points - one point equals $ 1, and you can get up to $ 365! Watch your Life Points increase and cash value gift cards from various retailers. CDPHP recommends using Life Points to purchase items related to health and well-being.

Prescription medicine
If you use prescription drugs, you need to save before going to school or look for a pharmacy in a network near you (in the network is just a fancy way of saying we will close your prescription if you use this location). With CDPHP, you can also take benefit of the convenient mail order service and have one more thing to worry about when leaving campus. If your campus is like most, new students cannot have a car unless they travel. You also want to check out Rx for Less, a program that offers big discounts on many generic prescription drugs. You will cut corners if you talk to your doctor about switching from brand-name drugs to generics, and you can use that extra money for spring break trips!       

Your University Student Health Center
Most colleges have health centres, but what they offer can vary. Some are powerful and able to diagnose and treat many diseases. Others are simpler and will refer you to other places depending on the severity of your condition. Familiarize yourself with the health services offered by your campus as soon as you set foot on campus.   

As we discuss it, did you know that most emergency care centres can treat common illnesses, such as colds, rashes, pink eyes, and sprains? If your school's student health centre offers minimal services, and you are far from your primary care doctor (PCP), the emergency care centre is your best bet for care while keeping costs down. Of course, if you experience shortness of breath, heavy bleeding, or head trauma, you should immediately go to the nearest emergency room. 

Health Resources and Use of Mental Substances
Let's face it: College is difficult. That is also when signs of depression or mental illness can begin to appear, even if you have never had symptoms before. And, if we are still honest, it's time you start drinking or experimenting with drugs. Don't let these things get in the way of an extraordinary college experience and a bright future. If you ever need help, CDPHP has a 24/7 access point to connect you to the resources you need. By calling 1-888-320-9584, you will immediately get the help that is right for you.         

Of course, stress is a normal part of life and college. You certainly have to work to reduce the impact of stress by utilizing your school's free fitness centre and focusing on healthy eating habits. Drinking lots of water and (trying) sleeping all night also doesn't hurt.